Trevor Noah Credits Jim Carrey for Helping Him Accept His Depression

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Sometimes, all it takes is one person, one story, to help you realize you’re not alone — and knowing you’re not alone can be the first step in getting help2. For “Daily Show” host and comedian Trevor Noah, that person was Jim Carrey.

On Friday, Noah showed his serious side in an acceptance speech at Friday’s Just for Laughs Awards, where he was awarded Comedy Person of the Year. In his speech, he credited Jim Carrey as being the first person to help him accept that he was experiencing depression. Carey was also in attendance to receive a Generation Award.

According to The Daily News, Noah said in his acceptance speech, “Jim Carrey was one of the first comedians that described the beast that many of us face in this room and that’s depression. I didn’t know what that thing was. I just thought I liked sleeping for weeks on end sometimes.”

“I was like, ‘Oh shit, that’s what’s going on,’ and I thank you because, you know, I found a way to fight it,” Noah told Entertainment Tonight Canada.

This isn’t the first time Noah has spoken out about depression. As a teenager he had severe acne, and told NPR he went on medication that makes you both “depressed and suicidal.” He’s also been open about depression on his own show. Once, chatting with his guest, comedian Neal Brennan, he dispelled the myth that people who have depression “aren’t supposed to smile.”

What’s funny about it is that people go, ‘If you’re depressed you can’t smile, if you’re depressed you can’t tell jokes,’ but as comedians, that’s like the one thing most comedians share. It’s just that monkey on [our] backs.

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