What is the secret to happiness?

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It’s a question we all want to know the answer to, and a question everyone will interpret in their own way.

Happiness and what it means, how to find it, learn from it and cherish it are things that come up time and time again in my new autobiography, Finding My Virginity. With that in mind, I wanted to find out what happiness means to other people.

I met up with some fascinating people in London, who shared with me their personal secrets to happiness. It was delightful hearing Mr Singh talk about living in the moment, and moving talking with Joe about his incredible strength in living a sober life.

Little Ben and Ellie Rose had some wonderful viewpoints from a younger perspective (including Spiderman!), while Aliah’s thoughts about empowerment and making your own choices really resonated.

I really loved Owen’s personal story, and it was he who asked me what is my secret to happiness. To find out my answer, watch the video (click here), and get your copy of Finding My Virginity.

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