How will the opioid crisis in the US end?

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    The opioid crisis will end when our attitudes toward people, mental health and addiction changes.

    People need to be connected. We are moving *away* from personal connections instead of building on them.

    We still stigmatize mental health issues. Depression. PTSD. Deep sadness and feelings of futility. We need to address them and allow people to express their feelings without judgement. And we simply need to help people.

    Addiction is a horror. Write now, the drug companies and many health professionals are in fact complicit. This needs to stop. And we need to help people find other means to address their very real health concerns.

    Until then, maybe the opioid crisis will be replaced by another crisis. Another drug. Another problem.

    Or we can address the real issues we all face.


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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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