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    I have an amazing family doctor.  He is an M.D., but he also practices alternative medicine. For example, he sent me to an osteopath trained to help with hiatus hernias instead of sending me for surgery.  It worked very well. And, when I was filled with anxiety to the point where I could not function, he refused to give me anti-anxiety meds.  Instead, he gave me something called GABA.

    GABA is a neuro-transmitter that occurs naturally in the brain to regulate anxiety.  If your levels are too low, you suffer from anxiety.  You can increase your levels by taking GABA in capsule form.  You buy it at any good health food store.

    This is for real.  A physician put me on it and, within days, the anxiety improved tremendously.  I had a therapist treating me for PTSD at the time and he was amazed at how quickly and effectively the medication works.

    Talk to your doctor.  It’s natural, has no side effects, and works FAST.  I thank my lucky stars to have found this doctor.

    There is a lot written about this medication on the Web.  Look it up.

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