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    From Quora…

    This question previously had details. They are now in a comment.

    Hope Vision Action
    Hope Vision Action, former Studied Addiction and Mental Health Issues at Colleges and Universities (1981-1985)

    For me, and I am only one of many who work here, it was a realization that whoops – “this one, I am not in control of”. For me, it was cocaine.

    I did it for just 6 months. And the last time? I had done a lot, for me. And – I was over the top. I puked. And I have no money. Regardless, I puked, I rolled up quarters, and we went to buy more. At this point? I knew I was in a problem.

    And somehow – I decided, “Nope – not for me.”

    And I stopped. Did no more.

    I was lucky. I could stop it. My “partner in crime”? It took him years to get past it.

    So. I was lucky.

    I somehow did not have That Quirk. But. I did have it for alcohol.

    So – is there something specific? Nope – not always.


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