Getting Past Depression

My story, and the things that I have learned to get past this.

I have been in a major clinical depression for many years now. Though I have taken anti-depressants for more than 5 years now, I have not told most of my close friends and family.

Almost a year ago now, I had my first real suicide attempt. I have had the idea in the background for many years, but this was an actual attempt. It should have worked… but hours later, the police tracked my vehicle down and found me. I was brought to the hospital and woke up 36 hours later – alive, and a little pissed off.

Since then, I have had many opportunities to be happy that I was not successful. That being said, I still float back and forth between pissed off that I was not successful and truly happy that I still have a chance.

Depression is messed up. For those who have never suffered from it, it must look absolutely crazy. And that is because it IS absolutely crazy. It is not something anyone wants to be stuck in. It is not a choice. And the thinking that goes with it is not something that we want – it’s irrational. And at the same time, it can be so incredibly real.

Depression can be beaten. It very often requires medication to allow for you to get back on track. And it often takes many trials with many medications to find the right product and dosage that will actually work. This is normal. It’s awfully annoying, but yes, this is a part of it.

An inner circle of support is extremely powerful. Understanding, patience and simple love go very far.

I am lucky. My spouse is aware of every step of this, and she remains incredibly supportive, even years later. For many months now, she has sent me a picture of a different flower each morning, on work days. It is a small gesture. And yet, it is a huge gesture. A small smile in the morning makes a difference. Tiny pieces of happiness matter. Every single smile takes a brick out of that wall of depression.

My flowers can be your flowers. This is caring. This is love. And this is Getting Past that wall of Depression, brick by brick.

Smile, contribute, help others and help yourself. I am happy to share my support with all of you. And I am looking forward to sharing your support too.

Welcome, and thanks.Getting Past Depression is something we can do. It is easier to do together. 🙂

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