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Welcome to the “GettingPastDepression” forums!

Forum description

These forums are developed for users who have in some way or another been affected by depression. When posting in the forum, please make sure you follow the advice and forum rules as described below.

Posting advice

  1. Search the forum before asking your question. You’ll see that in many cases someone else has already asked the same question and been given an answer.
  2. Provide detailed information about your problem or goal.
  3. The forum language is English. Posting in other languages is not forbidden, but be aware that the likelihood of someone answering your posting is lower because only a few people will speak your language.
  4. Remember that a lot of people are asking questions, and only a very few people are answering them. They are not all knowing, they are not paid to do this. If a question remains unanswered then most likely no one knows the answer. If your question gets answered, you should consider trying to help someone else who is looking for help.

Forum rules

  1. Be polite when posting, and please refrain from using insults or other abusive language.
  2. Don’t use ALL CAPITALS EVERYWHERE or very big text or a lot of colour in your posting. This is considered to be highly annoying and will most likely result in no one answering you.
  3. SPAM or advertising on the forum is not allowed and will be removed.
  4. Large signatures, both in lines and download size, are annoying for many of our forum users on slower connections. Signatures may therefore be at most 7 lines (including pictures) and the pictures may be no larger than 20KB.


The moderators have the right to correct your posting (leaving evidence and reason of having done so) in case you do not abide to the rules described here. Repeated offenses or extreme behaviour might result in banning you from the forum.

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