The Daily Flower

Quite a ways back, my ex-wife texted me a picture she had taken of a flower. It was beautiful, and it made me smile in a time when smiles were pretty hard to come by.

A few days later, another text. Another flower. And another day and another flower. Each time, it was a little piece of happiness in what had become a very dark world for me.

And it continued. My ex-wife would go out of her way, walking instead of taking the bus, to find different pretty flowers to share with me.

We went together to a local municipal rose garden, and spent a couple of hours taking pictures of roses.

A simple gesture, really. But a daily reminder that there is beauty out there. That someone cared enough to share it with me.

And now – I have a library of flowers to share with the world.

Join here and get a different flower sent to your own inbox every couple of days. And see the beauty. Smile at the thought. Feel a little bit of happiness that we are very pleased to share.

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