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Project Description

We are developing a Federally incorporated Charitable Organization serving one of the most important needs of our times – Mental Health.

Hope > Vision > Action will be comprehensive, easy to use, thoughtful and supportive communities, in both English & French – a truly world-class destination for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, addictions and more but also for those family and friends who live the consequences from having friends and loved ones who are mired in these issues.

Although masses of information and resources exist that can help those affected by depression, these resources are vast, mostly not-vetted, difficult to find and they most often live in their own silos of information.

A real community effort

Experience has proven throughout the years that one of the single most powerful components of successful recovery is benefitting from, and contributing to a community that has commonality, understanding, empathy and experience to share. People who have suffered from depression, anxiety, addiction and who have recovered are thus motivated to contribute – both for their own wellbeing as well as for the sufferer.

How you can help

We need your help, and we are asking for it. There are people who need your help right now. Specific roles have been identified and are defined as:

  • Writers – a writer is someone who will write a short piece on a fairly regular basis (monthly, bi-monthly) geared toward the broader audience, or a specific audience in our forum sub-groups. A short piece would typically be around 1500 words, but can easily vary given content, goals and the forum itself.
  • Stories – a storyteller is someone who tells their story. Often success, sometimes failure, sometimes a success that includes several missteps along the way. Every story is important, and this forum offers powerful, real life examples of living life affected by depression.
  • Community moderator – the moderator is part of a team who will have administrative access to flag, remove or otherwise affect a forum community to ensure it is a safe and responsible venue for all.
  • Professional support – professionals can offer insight that has weight and credibility. This role is in no way expected to replace any individuals professional or group support – it is designed to offer input that can guide someone in distress to the professional resources they may need, and/or to offer professional insight into discussions that would benefit from it.
  • Financial support – Corporate benefactors, personal benefactors, and those who wish they could contribute time but cannot and still want to help – the Charitable Organization will offer full tax receipts for all contributions.
  • Your ideas – have any idea on how you can help, and it’s not listed? Let us know! We are a community, and your input is important to us all.




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THANK YOU. This is worth it.

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