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    ok, I bought some GABA yest and I’m hoping for the best. I really hope this eases anxiety. When I took one yest, it actually did seem to ease my anxiety throughout the afternoon and was able to doze off and take a short nap. really don’t know though if that had anything to do with the GABA or what. My dad just passed away and I’ve been in grieving…[Read more]

  • Ryan Phillippe Discusses His Battle with Depression

    Ryan Phillippe is back at a high point in his career with the success of his USA series Shooter, recently renewed for season two, and happiness in his personal life.

    It wasn’t always easy for the 42-year-old actor though and he’s opening up about his battle with depression when he was younger.

    “I’m a lot more at peace than I was whe…[Read more]

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    Ex-world champion Ricky Hatton says he tried to kill himself on several occasions in a battle with depression.
    The Briton also talked about the need for boxers to get more help after retiring, when he appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today show, guest edited by Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams.
    “I tried to kill myself several times,” said Hatton, 3…[Read more]

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    There is no debate over the idea that alcohol is used by an overwhelming number of people suffering from depression as an escape mechanism. To medicate the problem… or to, temporarily at least, get away from the problem.

    And there is not much debate over the fact that alcohol is a depressant, and typically makes everything worse.

    Galen T.…[Read more]

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    Medication can save your life. It can also really complicate your life.

    Changing a dosage or removing medication needs to be done under a doctor’s supervision. It’s also a good idea for the people closest to you to be aware, and watching for anomalies.

    Good luck,…[Read more]

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    A mild but long-term form of depression.

    Very common

    More than 3 million US cases per year

    Treatable by a medical professional

    Requires a medical diagnosis

    Lab tests or imaging often required

    Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong

    Dysthymia is defined as a low mood…[Read more]

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    Hallucinogen Eases Depression in Cancer Patients, Studies Find

    On a summer morning in 2013, Octavian Mihai entered a softly lit room furnished with a small statue of Buddha, a box of tissues and a single red rose. From an earthenware…[Read more]

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    You may have heard it said a thousand times. You may never have heard it before. Regardless, it may be the most important thing you do in your life.

    Talk to someone. Talk about it.

    Call this hotline:
    SOS Suicide: 1-800-273-8255
    Try to remember that this will pass. I know that this can sound impossible. Pointless. Even stupid. I know,…[Read more]