A Time for Gratitude and Aspiration

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Reflecting on the work of bringing mindfulness to all parts of society, to all parts of the country, and into the most challenging situations.

By James Gimian 

Two of the main energies shaping this time of year, the winter solstice and the holidays, seem to be at odds. On one hand, we have the increased darkness of the shortened days, while, on the other, everywhere we see the colorful lights of the festive season. But what I really love about this mashup is how these energies combine to naturally turn our minds to two other important things that mark this season: all that we are grateful for and all that we aspire to.

In this last blog of 2017, I’d like to leave you with some of both. I’d like to emphasize the “some” because the two lists are way too long to detail here, and for everyone one that I include I’m sure I’ll leave another two out.

Our Gratitude

First and foremost, I’m grateful for the indomitable mindful spirit in us all—the intelligence that seeks insight and awareness, that yearns for a more inclusive way to see and a more healthy way to be—both alone and in relationship. We’ve seen in the many hardships of 2017 how people’s essential goodness shines through in even the most challenging situations.

In the world of mindfulness, we see this human spirit moving in both the big and the small, as I talked about in my last blog. We are grateful for the well-known champions and famous mindfulness leaders, thinkers, funders, strategists, all who impact the big picture and the critical leverage points. They give the talks, write the articles, and set the trends. We can’t do without them.

We’re equally thankful for all the local champions, so many of you in neighborhoods everywhere inspired to bring the benefits of mindfulness, kindness, and compassion practices to your communities. You’re too many to name but so inspiring to us, so we send along a shout out and thank you to you all.

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