The Daily Flower

Quite a ways back, my wife texted me a picture she had taken of a flower. It was beautiful, and it made me smile in a time when smiles were pretty hard to come by.

A few days later, another text. Another flower. And another day and another flower. Each time, it was a little piece of happiness in what had become a very dark world for me.

And it continued. My wife would go out of her way, walking instead of taking the bus, to find different pretty flowers to share with me.

We went together to a local municipal rose garden, and spent a couple of hours taking pictures of roses.

A simple gesture, really. But a daily reminder that there is beauty out there. That someone cares enough to share it with me.

And now – we have a library of flowers to share with the world.

Join here and get a different flower sent to your own inbox every couple of days. And see the beauty. Smile at the thought. Feel a little bit of happiness that we are very pleased to share.

It’s free. It’s happy. It’s here:

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